How can I save my overlay on the Bass Station II AFX Mode?

The 4.14 update allows you to use overlays to change the patch settings per note. See more information and guides for this update here: 

This article describes the saving workflow for the new mode. To start, note that when you enter an overlay (Hold Function and press Swing key twice and set value to be greater than 0). When in this overlay mode, pressing a key (and releasing it) will let you edit the overlay parameter settings for this note. 

To save the overlay, press and hold Function and then press Swing twice so that you are back to Overlay selection and press Save. 

Note that you can only save for the currently selected overlay, moving to another overlay wipes all changes. The overlay you want to save to should be selected before you start editing. 

Also, note that moving to a new patch will change the overlay slot because the overlay slot is saved into the patch. 

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