My Ultranova doesn't work as an audio interface or MIDI controller on my Mac

We have had some reports of the Ultranova not working as an audio interface or MIDI controller on recent versions of Mac OS X. In the vast majority of cases, this is due to the enhanced security and privacy features on these versions of OS X.

Starting in macOS 10.13 'High Sierra', Apple has introduced a system that will automatically prevent users from running driver software unless the user manually allows each driver individually from System Preferences. Once the user has allowed the driver manually in this window, all other driver software by that developer will be allowed to run automatically without having to repeat the steps to unblock. 

If you're encountering issues with the Ultrnova on either 10.13 (High Sierra) or 10.14 (Mojave), please follow the steps below. 

- Download and install the Ultranova software package from our downloads page. When installing the software you likely be prompted by the following message -


Selecting 'Open System Preferences' will open Security & Privacy settings, on which the 'Allow' button highlighted below should be present. Clicking this will now allow the driver to run on your system.


If the 'Open System Preferences' button is not present, select  > System Preferences > Security & Privacy to open the window above.

NOTE: newly installed software/drivers will only appear in the list for the first 30 minutes after the driver/software in question has been installed. If the Allow button isn't showing for you or the driver you wish to load isn't showing up on the following screen, simply reinstall your Focusrite software again and restart the computer (it's not necessary to uninstall anything before trying this). Once your computer has restarted go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy immediately after your computer has booted up and the option to "Allow" the driver/software to load should reappear.

If you are still unable to get the "Allow" prompt to appear, please try creating a new Administrator account then follow the procedures outlined above. The driver should then be allowed for all user accounts on the computer. 

If you encounter any problems please contact Technical Support

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