What is the difference between Launchkey Mk1 and Launchkey Mk2

The Launchkey was recently updated with new features and a new look, but with the same name. Other than the name the updated Launchkey shares many similarities to the original, however there new features that allow for greater style and more control while creating music.  

  • The updated Launchkey has RGB pads that provide clip colour-matching feedback to enhance your workflow when creating and launching clips, triggering samples, or controling devices in Ableton Live.
  • The updated Launchkey also brings a greater degree of control over Ableton Live via inControl: previously the inControl knobs could only control devices, however on the newer Launchkey you can easily switch between controlling devices, pans as well as send A/B for each track in your session.
  • The Device control function gives you control over all devices and device parameters in your Ableton Live track via inControl.
  • Although, due to the new features of the updated Launchkey requiring more power, it unfortunately can no longer be powered directly from an iPad. Not to worry as the updated Launchkey can be used with an iPad via a powered USB hub.
  • Launchkey MK2 now has four different velocity key curves, including a fixed mode for organ players.
  • If a track in Ableton Live uses multiple FX it is now possible to select these directly from Launchkey MK2.
  • The eight knobs are now individually secured with a nut to prevent wobble and give an overall better feel.
  • Due to changes in the firmware to bring about the above mentioned functionality, the Launchkey Mk2 is unable to control the Launchkey iPad app via inControl however you can still use the keys to trigger the sounds. 
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