How to Sync Impulse Arpeggiator to Ableton Live

This applies to the Impulse

Syncing you Novation Impulse to the tempo of your Ableton Live set will allow you to record midi using the Impulse's built-in Arpeggiator and ensure that your notes are in time with the rest of your set.

In order to sync you your Impulse's Arpeggiator with Ableton Live:


1. Open Ableton Live and follow the Automap Software Setup guide for setting you Ableton Midi Preferences. Ensure that Novation Impulse Output's Sync is On under Midi Ports. 

2. Set your Impulse's Clock Source to Auto; press Setup, then press the Plus button until you see ClockSrc, then rotate the Data Encoder until you see Auto (Aut). Press Setup again to exit the Setup Menu

 Your Impule's Apreggiator will now be sync'd to your Ableton Live set's tempo.

You can also choose to Map the Ableton Tap Tempo to a drum pad using Ableton MIDI Learn while they are in their default mode and NOT Roll, Arp or Clip Launch Modes.

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