Bass Station AFX 4.14 - FAQs

This applies to: Bass Station II 

This article is designed to detail the main points on how to get and update your Bass Station II to the 4.14 update, link to the relevant documentation and articles.

Where can I find the 4.14 Bass Station update?

Updates for Bass Station are now issued via Novation Components. This is either online (Google Chrome only) or in standalone format.


Standalone: Where do I Find the Novation Components Standalone Installers?

The update itself is found by going to Bass Station > Menu > Firmware


Firmware Tab:

Where Can I Find the User Guide for the 4.14 Update?

The user guide can be found from the following link:

4.14 New Features Guide

The following articles are all related to the BS II 4.14 update:

How Do I Clear/Backup Overlays on the 4.14 AFX Update?

How can I save my overlay on the Bass Station II AFX Mode?

What Controls are Added to the Bass Station II UI in the 4.14 update?

What parameters are saved in the Overlay?

How can I copy my overlays to a new key on the Bass Station II AFX mode?

I've set some cycles for the envelopes of my Bass Station II but they aren't looping

SysEx templates for the Bass Station II AFX mode

We've also made a video overview of the main features:

Why isn't my update going through on Components?

See this article: I'm unable to Update my Device using Novation Components 

I'd like to download the Novation Components standalone but I don't have a bundle code?

If you don't have Components Standalone, you can still update your BS2 with online Components, please contact our support team for a bundle code if you do need one (details below).

I've tried all of that but I still can't find/update/use the BS II 4.14 update?

You can contact our support here (Live Chat in the bottom right corner when available):

We've also created some social media groups to share ideas, ask questions and share content:

Synth Owners          Circuit Owners

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