How do I manually update the firmware on my MiniNova using a PC?

Applies to: MiniNova

To manually update the firmware on your MiniNova using a PC:

  1. Please download "MIDIOX" from here
  2. Please download the attached 1157.syx file, this is the OS update.
  3. Once downloaded, install and run MIDI OX.
  4. Connect the MiniNova to your PC via USB and power up the MiniNova via USB while pressing 'PAGE <', 'PAGE >' and 'OK'. You should see 'Exit to firmware' shown on the LCD screen.
  5. Select the output port by clicking on the "select MIDI devices to open" icon. This is the one that looks like a blue MIDI connector.
  6. Under MIDI Outputs click on the MiniNova so that it is highlighted blue and appears in the "Port Mapping" list. Select OK.
  7. Select View > Sysex and then in the new window Sysex > Configure. Ensure that the settings match the image below.
  9. Select Command Window > Load file and select the 1157.syx attached to this mail. Then select Command Windows > Send sysex. This will send the OS.
  10. You will know when the MiniNova is upgrading as the value of the installer will increase on the screen of the MiniNova.
  11. When the update completes, power cycle the unit.
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