Adding the new Vocoder patch banks to Ultranova

Applies to: UltraNova

As of the UltraNova 1.3 update, the UltraNova vocoder engine has been updated to match that on the MiniNova. It's now possible to use the MiniNova vocoder patches with your UltraNova.

First of all please update your Ultranova to the latest version using the UltraNova installer. This can be downloaded from the link below:

Also download the '' file and unzip it.

Next open the Ultranova Librarian and drag 'Fac Bank A New Voc' onto the My Ultranova Bank A.

You will see the update happening via the screen on Ultranova.

Once that is done repeat for 'Fac Bank B New Voc' by dragging it onto 'My Ultranova Bank B'.

You will now have the latest Vocoder patches from Mininova to use in your Ultranova.

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