Using Launch Control XL With Circuit

This article applies to Circuit and Launch Control XL

Download the LCXL-Circuit file from , or at the bottom of this article. There are five templates in this zip file:

1. Mixer

2. Macros

3. Synth1Edit

4. Synth2Edit

5. Drums

To use the templates download the Launch Control XL Editor from the same location, run the installer (Windows) or open the disc image (Mac). Follow the instructions.

Once you have the editor running, connect your Launch Control XL. You then need to load the templates one at a time and save them to your unit. The steps are:

  • Click the ‘File: Load’ button
  • Select one of the .syx files, e.g. LCXL1-1to6MixerwSends.syx
  • Click the ‘Device: Save’ button
  • Select one of the User template locations*

Repeat the above steps for each template.

*We have numbered the templates 1 to 5 so you could use User template slots 1 to 5 to load these into for convenience. If you are using these slots already then you could load them to different numbers. You can also use the Editor to back up your templates.

Once you have the 5 templates loaded to your Launch Control XL you no longer need the Editor. Now you can connect the LC XL to Circuit via your DAW or use a stand- alone USB host.  We have provided an Ableton Live project template that handles the MIDI communication between the two devices. This can be loaded in to Live Lite 9 that comes with your Launch Control XL.


1. Mixer

2. Macros

3. Synth 1 Edit

4. Synth 2 Edit

5. Drums


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