How do I change the velocity curve on my Launchkey 25/49/61 Mk2

Please note this article refers only to users who have a Launchkey Mk2 25/49/61.

The velocity curve on Launchkey Mk1 and the Launchkey Mini is fixed and cannot be changed. 

Launchkey Mk1 serial numbers will begin; LB / LC / LD

Launchkey MK2 serial numbers will begin; A4 / A5 / A6 


To suit different keyboard playing styles, Launchkey Mk2 lets you select the relationship between key velocity (i.e. how hard you hit the keys) and volume. This relationship is called the velocity curve. The default curve is NORMAL, which will be satisfactory for a great number of players however three additional velocity curves are available; Low, High and Fixed.

To select an alternative curve, press and hold the top InControl button and press one of the transport buttons as follows;

With the 'Fixed' curve selected, velocity sensing is disabled and all notes will be at maximum volume regardless of how hard the key is struck. With the 'Low' curve selected, the volume of the notes will be lower compared to the 'Normal' curve for the same style of playing. The 'High' curve has the opposite effect.

Note: Velocity curves only affect the response of the keys, not the drum pads.



Please contact our Technical Support team should you have any further inquiries regarding this. 

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