Getting Started with SL MkIII // DAW Setup Reason

We're going to show you how to set up your SL MkIII with Reason. Please ensure that your SL MkIII is connected to your computer via USB and powered on.

On the downloads page for the SL MkIII, you will find a Reason script installer. please run this installer, ensuring that Reason is not open on your computer.

Once this is complete, please go to Preferences > Control Surfaces > Add > Select 'Novation' as the manufacturer, and 'SL MkIII' as the model, then select the InControl option as the input and output port. 


Please note that the ports may be named differently when setting up on a Windows operating system. The ordering should be similar to those seen in the video and screenshots above (Mac), but here is a list of how they may appear when comparing Mac to Windows:

Input Ports

  1. Novation SL MkIII MIDI = Novation SL MkIII MIDI
  2. Novation SL MkIII inControl = MIDI In 2 (Novation SL MkIII)
  3. Novation SL MkIII From DIN 1 = MIDI In 3 (Novation SL MkIII)

Output Ports

  1. Novation SL MkIII MIDI = Novation SL MkIII MIDI
  2. Novation SL MkIII inControl = MIDI Out 2 (Novation SL MkIII)
  3. Novation SL MkIII To DIN 1 = MIDI Out 3 (Novation SL MkIII)
  4. Novation SL MkIII To DIN 2 = MIDI Out 4 (Novation SL MkIII)
  5. Novation SL MkIII CV/Gate = MIDI Out 5 (Novation SL MkIII)


You can now take control of devices in the Rack section of Reason, for example, Kong.

To take control of effects in the rack, such as Echo, right click and create a track for that effect. You will then be able to control it using the dials and faders depending on the device.

You have control of the transport, and you can turn the click off with the 'Option' button.

Due to changes in the way that control surfaces integrate with Reason, we have not implemented mixer control in to the reason script for the SL MKIII.

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