Getting Started with SL MkIII // DAW Setup Studio One 4

We're going to show you how to set up your SL MkIII with Studio One 4. Please ensure that your SL MkIII is connected to your computer via USB and powered on.

Before setting up the SL MkIII, please make sure you have upgraded to the "day one" firmware upgrade through components. For information on how to do this, please click the following link:

Once this is complete, open Studio One.

First, we will enable the Mixer and Transport controls. To do this, select Options > External Devices > Add  > Mackie > HUI and select Novation SL MkIII InControl in the Send To & Recieve From drop-down menus. Please see the image below as a reference:


Once this is complete, click OK. 

Next, we'll enable the control of instruments so you can play them with the SL MkIII's keyboard. To do this, select Options > External Devices > Add  > New Keyboard and select Novation SLMKIII SLMKIII MIDI in the Receive From and Send To drop-down menus. Please see the image below for reference:


In this section, I recommend giving the SL MkIII a new name is the Device Name field to avoid any confusion. One this is complete, click OK. 

Finally, press the InControl button on your SL MkIII


You can now control the following in Studio One:

Instruments through the keyboard, pitch and mod wheel. 

Transport controls from the transport buttons.

Mixer control - levels of channels 1-8 through the sliders, track mute, solo and record arm through the buttons above the slider, panning through the rotary dials and track select through the buttons below the screen.

Track nudge through pressing Shift + Track </>. 

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