Getting Started with SL MkIII // DAW Setup Logic

To set the SL MKIII up with Logic Pro simply download the installer from here.

Once downloaded the SL MKIII will be auto detected in Logic. 

On pressing the InControl button, you can control the following functions:

- Transport

  • The transport buttons control Logic's transport. These include:
    •   Rewind
    •   Fast-forward
    •   Stop
    •   Play
    •   Cycle on/off
    •   Record

- Volume faders

  • To control track volumes, move the faders. The LED above the fader gives an indication as to the current track volume.

- Mutes, solos

  • The buttons above the faders control mute and solo for eight tracks. When a track is soloed, the muted tracks will flash on and off.

- Pans

  • To control track pans. Press the options button and choose 'Pans'. From this view, the eight rotaries will then control the pans for eight tracks.

- Sends

  • To control track sends, press the options button followed by 'Sends'. The eight rotaries will then control send levels for an aux send. Press the up and down arrows to the left of the display to change the selected send.

- Smart Controls

  • Logic uses smart controls to choose eight parameters for the selected plug-in on the selected track. To control these, press the options button followed by 'Smart'. From this view, the eight rotaries will control the eight parameters chosen by Logic to be smart controls for the selected plug-in in the selected track.

- Shortcuts

  • Press the options button followed by 'Shortcut' to access shortcuts. These include:
    • Undo
    • Redo
    • Count In
      • Toggle Logic's count in on/off
    • Metronome
      • Toggle Logic's metronome on/off

Undo/Redo control

- Metronome control

- Count in control 

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