Why is there a continuous C-2 note off message appearing in my DAW's transport?

Applies to: Automap, Launchkey, Launchkey Mk 2, SL MKIII 

If you're using your MIDI controller to control your DAW's mixer via HUI, you may see a continuous C-2 note off message being sent by the controller.

Part of the HUI spec requires that the controller sends out a continuous C-2 note off message to let the software know that the controller is "online". This is referred to as the HUI heartbeat message.

This should not interfere with your projects at all and if you find that you're hearing the constant C-2 message, it's likely that you have the 'HUI' port assigned to input into your DAW. If this is the case, make sure that you have your track input set to a standard MIDI port rather than a HUI port.

Novation HUI ports may be named:

  • SL MKIII InControl
  • Automap HUI
  • Launchkey InControl
  • Launchkey Mk 2 InControl
  • Launchkey Port 2
  • Launchkey Mk 2 Port 2
  • MIDIIN2Cubase_HUI_heartbeat.png
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