My MiniNova shows "Unsaved LosChng?" even when I haven’t edited the patch

Applies to: MiniNova

When the MiniNova is connected to Ableton Live, changing a patch can present the message “Unsaved LosChng?” when no changes have been made. This happens when a MIDI channel with MiniNova set as the output is either Armed, or the Monitoring is set to In.

Patch change messages sent to Ableton and back to the MiniNova confuse the MiniNova because of how the information is handled. The best method of changing patches with MiniNova is to keep the MIDI channel in Live set to "Auto", and the track Arm button deselected. Use these settings whilst changing patches and editing your sounds. Before recording MIDI from the MiniNova, Arm the track for recording, and deselect the Arm button after recording. This will minimize the unexpected messages confusing the MiniNova.

If you are wanting to use patch changes during your recording, Live's clips have the ability to send patch changes. In the lower left section of the MIDI clip window, in the Notes section, there are three boxes: Bank, Sub-bank, and Program. Program will change patches, and Bank will change banks. These can be triggered on MIDI clips, enabling you to change patches during your performance. Any unsaved changes will be lost whilst using Live to change patches, so it is best avoided whilst designing sounds."

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