I cannot see the LaunchKey InControl port when setting up the LaunchKey in my DAW.

Applies to: Launchkey, Launchkey Mk 2

If you are using a Windows PC and are unable to see the 'LaunchKey InControl' port in your DAW while working through the DAW setup guide, it's likely that Windows has given the port a different name.

The first port on the LaunchKey is used for sending and receiving data on the keyboard and controllers when they're not in InControl mode. The Second port is used for sending and receiving data on the controllers when they're in InControl mode, this is the InControl port.

It's likely that if this port isn't appearing as 'LaunchKey (InControl)' it will appear with another name refering to it as port 2. This is likely to be something such as 'Launchkey MIDIIN2', 'Launchkey MIDIOUT2', 'MIDIIN2', 'MIDIOUT2', 'PORT2' or something similar. If this is the case for you, you should select this port whenever the InControl port is referred to in the setup guide.

The image below provides an example of how the InControl port may appear as MIDIIN2 and MIDIOUT2.

MIDIIN2 port

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