I am unable to update my device using Novation Components

Applies to: Bass Station II, Circuit, Circuit Mono Station, Peak, SL MKIII

If you find that a firmware update to your Novation device via Components fails, there are a number of troubleshooting steps we recommend trying.

In the first instance, simply disconnecting and reconnecting your device to a different USB port can help.

If you are not already, please try updating your firmware using the standalone version of components. This is available in your Novation account once you have registered your product - .

If you are using a Windows computer, please ensure you have installed the Novation USB driver. This is available in the drivers section of your account page once you have registered your account .

We have now added a Feature in Components where you can run the update more than once if it fails for some reason on the first go. Please run the update again if you are having issues.


If you continue having problems, we recommend powering on your device in boot loader mode before starting Components. The instructions for starting your device in bootloader mode are included below:

Bass Station II: Hold the 'Save', 'Patch left' and 'Patch right' buttons while powering on the Bass Station II

Circuit: Hold the 'Scales', 'Notes' and 'Velocity' buttons while powering on the Circuit.

Circuit Mono Station: Hold the 'Scales', 'Notes' and 'Velocity' buttons while powering on the Circuit Mono Station.

Peak: Hold the three buttons to the left of the LCD screen whole powering on Peak.

SL MKIII: Hold the 'Octave +' and 'Octave -' buttons while powering on the SL MKIII.

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