My Launchpad MK2 Freezes During The Firmware Update

Applies to: Launchpad MK2

Be sure to have any anti-virus scanners disabled during the download/installation process, then download and install the appropriate updater:



  1. Download the attached SysEx file and the appropriate System Exclusive software:

         Windows -

         Mac -

  2. Connect the Launchpad MK2 directly to the computer (avoiding any USB hub) while holding the four top right buttons on the unit.


This will engage the Launchpad’s Bootloader mode, and the Launchpad should display as followed:  



     3. Find the Launchpad MK2 Updater in the downloads folder, enter this folder so that the Launchpad MK2 Updater .dmg is shown.

     4. Open the SysEx Librarian and drag this “Launchpad MK2 Updater” .dmg file across into the SysEx Librarian window.  

     5. Select Launchpad MK2 in the top of the SysEx Librarian and click “Play”. This will prompt a loading screen showing both the amount of messages to be sent and messages completed.

     6. After the script installs the window will flash "Done" and then disappear. After this, disconnect and reconnect the Launchpad MK2 and it should work as intended.



     3. Open the MIDI-OX software and open Midi Devices, selecting the Launchpad MK2 under both Midi Inputs and Outputs.

     4. Navigate to Actions > Send > SysEx file and navigate through your Downloads folder (if you downloaded the Firmware Updater to a different folder please navigate to your preferred folder) to select the Launchpad MK2 SysEx file. This will start the installation of the MIDI-OX updater and may take a few minutes.

     5. After the SysEx file installs, the MIDI-OX window will refresh and your Launchpad MK2 should reboot ready for use. Some cases may require the Launchpad MK2 be disconnected and reconnected, if you do not specifically notice your Launchpad MK2 reboot itself please do manually reconnect the device.


*If the MIDI-OX window populates a buffer size error message in the script installer window select SysEx > Configue and ensure the settings match the image below.



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