Troubleshooting Launchkey connection on Windows

Applies to: Launchkey Mk 2, Launchkey original

If you are having trouble loading the Launchkey's driver properly on your Windows computer please check the following.

Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Sound Video and Game Controllers.

Do you see the Launchkey listed there?

Does it have any exclamation mark or error code?

If yes please try all the available USB ports on your computer. One port may work better than another due to motherboard design.

If you are still having trouble try going to the Manufacturer Website for your Computer or Motherboard. Look up the exact model you have and install all the USB Controller, BIOS, Chipset, Video Card, etc updates.  This often resolves connectivity issues.

Be sure to go to the Manufacturer Website and not the Update Driver section in Device Manager, as this only searches one location and often does not actually find the latest Manufacturer driver.

Also try another USB Cable.

If using a USB hub please make sure it is powered, and test a direct connection to the PC.

If you are seeing the Launchkey connected properly in Device Manager and the Properties > Status says "Device is working properly" please check MIDI Ox to see that you can receive MIDI Notes from the unit.

In MIDI Ox go to Options > MIDI Devices. Select the Launchkey Ports in Input and Output. Click OK.

Go to View > Input Monitor. Check that when you play the keys you get Data incoming.

If this is all working you likely have a set up issue in the DAW. Review the setup for that specific DAW.

You can also test using another DAW, such as Reaper.

If you cannot see the Port labelled InControl click here:

If you are still having trouble please contact our Tech Support Team directly so we can assist you further.

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