My Launchkey says it has the wrong amount of keys

Applies to: Launchkey 25,49, 61 MK1 and 2

If your Launchkey is shown on the computer with the wrong amount of keys (for example, a 25 key Launchkey says it has 49) then you will need to address this by putting the Launchkey into boot loader mode.

To do this please hold down the scene right and row buttons simultaneously before connecting the USB cable: 


While continuing to hold the three buttons, connect the USB cable until you see the screen light up. Then press the Octave Up/Down buttons until you see the correct amount of keys shown on screen (25/49/61).

You can then reconnect the USB cable and use the keyboard. You may need to reselect as the MIDI Input/Output in your software as doing these can change how the computer sees your Launchkey.

If you're still having issues please contact technical support here.

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